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الأصدقاء والزملاء الأعزاء

أرحب بكم جميعا على الموقع الالكتروني لقسم جراحة العظام بمستشفى قصرالعيني جامعة القاهرة. بالتصفح في هذا الموقع تستطيعون التعرف على أعضاء هيئة التدريس بالقسم وكذلك معرفة تاريخ هذا القسم العريق بإنجازاته وطموحاته والخطط المستقبلية..كما تتعرفون على التخصصات المختلفة به و التقدير التقريبي لعدد الحالات المنظورة والتي يتم اجراؤها جراحيا..كما نعرض تمثيل القسم في الجانب التعليمي بكلية الطب سواء في البكالوريوس أو الماجستير و الدكتوراة.

وإنه منتهى أملي أن أواصل المنهج الرائع لأساتذتي الأفاضل السابقين الذين صنعوا التاريخ المشرف لهذا القسم العريق ليبقى دائما واحدا من الأقسام المميزة المشهود لها بكلية الطب جامعة القاهرة.

Dear friends and colleagues,

I wish to welcome you to the website of The Orthopedic Department , Kasr Al-Ainy Hospital , Cairo University .By browsing through it you will get acquainted with the staff members , and you can get a hint of the history of this great department , its achievements , future plans and ambitions .You will also be informed of our various specialties in the field of orthopedic surgery and the average estimate of our patient turnover . The Orthopedic Department is also a main feature of the educational scheme of the Faculty of Medicine in both the undergraduate and postgraduate tutorial levels.

It is my sincere wish to continue on the golden track set in the past by our honorable and respectable professors to maintain the name and standard of the Orthopedic Department as one of the most reputable departments in Kasr Al-Ainy Cairo University.

History and Chairmen of the Department

The Orthopaedic surgery Department owes its origins to a time when the clinical priorities were very different to those that present to orthopaedic surgeons. In 1938, the departments as well as many other surgical specialties' were inaugurated as a part of the special surgeries department.

The department was dealing with only orthopaedic cases and consisted of one unit. The post graduate degrees offered at this time were a Diploma or a Masters degree in Orthopaedics.

















Professor Kamel Hussien

Founder of the orthopaedic Department, Member of the Arabic Language counsel, Founder and the first president of the Egyptian Orthopaedic Association (EOA).

Professor Ahmed El Meniasy

Professor Bayoumi

Professor Abdelhay El Sharkaway

Was appointed as the chairman of the special surgeries specialties unit, and in 1956 he started the trauma surgery and established 3 units for both Orthopedic and Trauma surgery.

Professor Ahmas El Hammasy

Was appointed as a co-chairman of special surgeries specialties unit, the doctorate degree was established during his time and started in 1974.He was also the president of the Egyptian Orthopaedic Association.

Professor Mostafa Kamal El Zorkany

Was the one who started pediatric orthopaedics interest, orthopaedic operations done under x-ray control in radiology department. He was an Editor of the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery and also the editor for one of the early famous book for orthopaedic and trauma surgery.

Professor Hussien Abdel Fatah

Was appointed as the chairman of special surgeries specialties unit, Author of a famous book titled tumors of the hand. He was also a winner of the Egyptian National award.

Professor Salah Gado

During his chairmanship separation of the Orthopaedic and trauma surgery as an independent department occurred. He was the book author of 6 volumes of orthopaedic and trauma surgery.

Profesor Helmy El Hadidi

Founder of the bone bank unit.

Member of the parliament and Minister of Health1985.

Professor Ahmed Wael Farag

Professor Saleh Bedier

Founder of the Pediatric orthopaedics unit in 1984.

Member of the parliament.

Dean of the faculty of Medicine (2000).

He was also interested in Egyptology.

Professor Nabil El Borai

Professor Emad Halawa

Started the 4th orthopaedic and trauma unit, and during his period a huge renovation of the operating theatres was accomplished.

Professor Tarek Abdel Shafy

Arranged regular postgraduate teaching courses and produced a yearly book for all departmental activities

He launched a specialized unit for joint replacement in Al Mainal specialized hospital.

He renovated the outpatient clinics.

Professor Hazem Abdel Azeem

During his period; the new operating theaters for trauma was opened and separated from the elective ones.

He established the Central directorate of orthopaedics and trauma.

He arranged for the first website for the department and regular biannually scientific meeting of the department.

He was appointed as the AO Trustee for Egypt and then elected as a head for the AOtrauma middle east.

A board member, treasurer and president of the Egyptian Orthopaedic association.

A previous Vice dean of Faculty of Medicine.

Professor Mohamed Abdel Halim Kaddah

He was the general manager of the bone bank unit for 4 successive years during which he promoted all the activities and functions of it

Professor Hani Mohammady

During his presidency he promoted the department scientific activities by opening a private library for the department in the operation suite. He also promoted a special scientific program for this library including the regularly established Sundays' scientific activities.

Professor Youssry El Hawary

First elected head for the department.

Member of the AOspine Middle East board







Prof.Dr. Hussein AbdelFattah (1927-2014)


Prof. Hussein Abdel Fattah had passed away on Wednesday the 22nd of januarry this year. Prof Abdel Fattah was qualified from the medical school (Kasr EL-AINI), Cairo university, in 1952. After finishing his house jobs at Kasr El-AINI, he went to be general surgical registrar for two years in the same hospital. He went after that to join the orthopaedic department under Prof. Abdel Hay el-Sharkawi. He was one of a few who obtained his master in general and orthopaedic surgery. He was then appointed to the staff of orthopaedic department ,Cairo University where he was the most active orthopaedic surgeon in the country for decades. He owned a huge library of Xrays for cases he had done that was the admiration of all his trainees and visiting professors. Infection of bone and joints was his main concern including T.B. In 1973 war with Israel he was assigned to the rank of lieuftanant general to work with the medical corps at Maadi military hospital, Cairo He mastered the conservative treatment of fractures and moved to operative management after attending AO coarse in Davos . He kept on learning new techniques and following the orth.literature till the very end. He retired form Cairo university in 1987 and continued to be visiting prof. till 1997

He was the national delegate of Egypt to Sicot(1982-1990) and was appointed Sicot vice president(1988-1990). He will be greatly missed by many generations of orthopaedic surgeons.

Maher Halawa

Egypt National Delegate to Sicot