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Topic Presenter Category Occasion Shortcut
Topic Presenter Category Occasion Shortcut
Basic Terminology and Biomechanics  Dr. Mohamed Tag Basic Science  BSC 2014 Basic Terminology and Biomechanics  
Anterior Cruciate Ligament - Basic Knowledge  Prof. Abdel-Aziz Elsingergy Knee BSC 2014 Anterior Cruciate Ligament - Basic Knowledge  
Articular Cartilage Repair - Recent Advances Dr. Mohamed S. Gobba Basic Science  BSC 2013 Articular Cartilage Repair - Recent Advances 
Bearing Surfaces in Hip Replacement  Dr. Mahmoud Abdel-Karim Pelvis and Hip BSC 2014 Bearing Surfaces in Hip Replacement  
Bearing surfaces in Total Hip Replacement  Dr. Mahmoud Abdel-Karim Pelvis and Hip BSC 2013 Bearing surfaces in Total Hip Replacement  
Total Knee replacement Biomechanics  Dr. Mahmoud Abdel-Karim Knee BSC 2014 Total Knee replacement Biomechanics  
Bone Cement  Dr Mohamed Younes  Basic Science  BSC 2014 Bone Cement  
Bone Fragility  Dr. Amr Arafa Basic Science  BSC 2013 Bone Fragility  
Bone Grafts and Substitutes  Prof. Sherif Khaled  Basic Science  BSC 2013 Bone Grafts and Substitutes  
Bone Health and supplements Prof. Hisham Abdel-Ghani Basic Science  BSC 2014 Bone Health and supplements 
Bone structure and function Dr Ahmed H Abdel-Azeem Basic Science  BSC 2013 Bone structure and function 
Bone Tumour Prof. Hisham Abdel-Ghani Basic Science  BSC 2014 Bone Tumour 
DVT prophylaxis Prof. Mohamed Kaddah Basic Science  BSC 2014 DVT prophylaxis 
Osteoarthritis EBM Dr. Mahmoud Abdel-Karim Basic Science  BSC 2014 Osteoarthritis EBM 
Elbow Examination Prof. Ayman Mansour Elbow BSC 2014 Elbow Examination 
Elbow Anatomy and Biomechanics Prof. Mostafa Mahmoud  Elbow BSC 2014 Elbow Biomechanics 
EMG and NCV Dr. Mostafa Mahamoud  Basic Science  BSC 2014 EMG and NCV 
Extensor apparatus Dr. Ayman Mansour Wrist and Hand BSC 2014 Extensor apparatus 
Flexor Tendons Dr. Ayman Mansour Wrist and Hand BSC 2013 Flexor Tendons 
Flexor tendon Biomechanics Prof. Yasser Elsafoury Wrist and Hand BSC 2014 Flexor tendon Biomechanics 
Foot Biomechanics Prof. Hisham Abdel-Ghani Foot and Ankle  BSC 2013 Foot Biomechanics 
Gait  Prof. Hisham Abdel-Ghani Basic Science  BSC 2014 Giat 
Gait  Prof. Hisham Abdel-Ghani Basic Science  BSC 2013 Gait 
Hip Biomechanics Prof. Hazem Abdel-Azeem Pelvis and Hip BSC 2013 Hip Biomechanics 
Hip Examination Prof. Hazem Abdel-Azeem Pelvis and Hip BSC 2014 Hip Examination 
Hyaline articular cartilage mechanics Dr. Mohamed Tag Basic Science  BSC 2013 Hyaline articular cartilage mechanics 
Intervertebral Discs form and Function  Prof. Hossam Salah Spine BSC 2013 Intervertebral Discs 
Joints Biomechanics  Prof. Sherif Khaled Basic Science  BSC 2014 Joints Biomechanics  
Joint Mechanics and Tribology Prof. Sherif Khaled  Basic Science  BSC 2013 Joint Mechanics and Tribology 
Meniscus Anatomy and function Dr. Ahmed Rizk Knee BSC 2014 Meniscus Anatomy and function 
Muscle injury Dr. Waleed Reda Basic Science  BSC 2014 Muscle injury 
Muscle response to exercise Dr. Ahmed Fouad Seifeldin Basic Science  BSC 2014 Muscle response to exercise 
Nerve injuries  Dr. Ayman Shaheen Basic Science  BSC 2014 Nerve injuries  
Nerve Response to injury and reapair Dr. Ayman Shaheen Basic Science  BSC 2014 Nerve Response 
Showing 34 items